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Strategic for apple inc., Apple has no debt so far, and a lot of cash Should apple pay dividends? What are barriers like in the cola industry? Making strategic moves. Understand the threats. Five forces help to understand the opportunities as well, not just the threats. Try to take over the substitute and maximize the market shares Overly aggressive tactics, and like the supply chain. What’s the rivalry in the coke? Tons of rivalries, but it's not like war. The number of major competitors are the two brands. Coke and Pepsi. They don't try to bother each other, but respect to both side's business. End up with lower rivalry. In consumer brand world, people try to dominate the market by it's new brands. What your customers want, and what your competitors gonna to do. Why industries are more or less "competitive"? o Number of direct competitors and substitutes o Industry growth rates
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Unformatted text preview: o Exit barriers o Fixed costs o Lack of product differentiation o Switching costs Coke is all about happiness. Coke is their grandpa's generation. Pepsi is about rebel's drink, target the new generation. The switching costs : the psychological switching costs. But not economic switching costs for cola. The brand loyalty is strong. What can be done to neutralize bargaining power of suppliers?(in the cola beverage industry) Commodity product o Narrow the sell options of the supplier though market consolidation, merger or alliances . o Develop alternative sources of supply o Buy or ally with a supplier, or develop exclusive sourcing arrangements with them to assure access to the factor at the lowest possible cost, greatest value. o Diversity your product offerings When demand is falling, it would affect the price according to the economic...
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