Pharmacology-antibiotic chart

Pharmacology-Antibiotic Chart
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Unformatted text preview: Pharmacology: Antibiotic Chart Antibiotic Spectrum Beta-Lactams Penicillins Natural PCN Gram + PCNase-resistant Gram + & PCNase resistant AminoPCN Gram + and Gram - Antipseudomonal Potent PCN against Pseudomonas (part of Gram -) Cephalosporins 1 generation Gm + (except methicillin resistant staph) Gm(klebsiella and E. Coli) MOST anaerobic Gm + and (not b. fragilis) 2 generation 1 + aerobic more Gm (H. st nd st Toxicity Suicide inhibitor Mechanism Bactericidal Bactericidal Sulbactam Bactericidal (Unasyn) Clavulanic acid (Augmentin) Clavulanate Bactericidal (timentin) Tazobactam (zosyn) Bactericidal Bactericidal 3 generation rd Parenteral only Carbapenems Monobactams Influenza) Less Gm + More Gm Wide None listed spectrum, powerful Powerful None listed Gm-activity Glycopeptides Vancomycin Powerful Teicoplanin Gm+ Aminoglycosides Gentamycin Powerful Tobramycin GmAmikacin Neomycin Fluoroquinolones UTI Gm+ (good Norfloxacin staph, Enoxacin moderate Systemic strep) Infections Gm-Floxacin Excellent activity against shigella and salmonella Macrolides Erythromycin Gm+ (bad on gut) GmClarithromycin Genital (BEST for AIDS pathogens and H. Pylori) (broad Azithromycin spectrum: Bactericidal Bactericidal None listed ? Renally toxic and can destroy inner ear ? Bactericidal Bacteriostatic, bacteriocidal at high doses (conc dependent: low con=inhibitory (best for mycoplasma pneumonia) part of rape kit to prevent STD) *all for legionella s -cycline Gm+ GmMisc. Agents Metronidazole Gram + Gram (anaerobes) Clindamycin Gram + Gram(aerobes and anaerobes) Protozoa: toxoplasma and plasmodium SMX-TMP Gram + Gram (aerobic) Chlamydia Protoza and high con= lethal) Bacteriostatic None listed Bactericidal B. fragilis Acne vulgaris Toxoplasmosis Bacteriostatic UTI URI/LRI Salmonella, shigella Travelers diarrhea Bactericidal ...
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