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Ethics in Health Care Exam Review

Ethics in Health Care Exam Review - Ethics in Health Care...

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Ethics in Health Care Exam Review: 11/4/10: Ethics of Reproduction (7 questions) -ANA Position Statement on Reproductive Health (1 question) o ANA advocates for the health care needs of all patients. ANA believes that health care clients have the right to privacy and the right to make decisions about personal health care based on full information and without coercion. Also, nurses have the right to refuse to participate in a particular case on ethical grounds. However, if a client's life is in jeopardy, nurses are obligated to provide for the client's safety and to avoid abandonment. The ANA believes that abortion is largely a symptom of social failure. The controversy over abortion is just one of the many stages on which the critical social issues of access to care, freedom of choice, and the right to privacy are being played out. Abortion is a reproductive alternative that is legal and that the health care provider can objectively discuss when counseling clients. The fact that thousands of American women are seeking abortion is a symptom, not the disease. The treatment lies in addressing the problems underlying a deteriorating social fabric. Health care providers have the right and responsibility to seek viable solutions to problems that signal social failure, such as ineffective family planning, deficient prenatal care, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, unsuccessful parenting, sexually transmitted disease, and inadequate child care. - Terminology and Historical Overview of Abortion (Garrett and in-class powerpoint) (2 questions) o Embryo - earliest development from conception until 8th week o Fetus - products of conception from the end of the 8th week after conception until birth. o Trimester of pregnancy - grouping of 3 month periods (1st trimester - concept to 3 months or 14 weeks) o Viability - ability to survive outside the uterus (20-24 weeks)
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o Abortion - premature release of products of conception. o Spontaneous Abortion - Miscarriage - unintentional or accidental loss of a pregnancy o Therapeutic Abortion - An abortion that is brought about intentionally and within medically and legally acceptable parameters (EX: A woman with certain kidney problems, such that pregnancy could lead to death from uremic poisoning. An abortion for this woman could be seen as therapeutic) o Medical Abortion - uses combination of medication to cause termination of pregnancy (plan B) o Surgical Abortion - uses surgical procedure (D & C) to remove products of conception Historical/Legal Context (from powerpoint): 1973 Roe v. Wade decision: -constitutional right to privacy -balanced the interests of the woman and the state’s interest -a “negative right” provides liberty from interference but not necessarily access -infant did not have right to protection of due process Danforth v Planned Parenthood Missouri 1976: -parental/ husband notification made unnecessary, mandatory waiting periods, prohibition of public funding, ban of certain procedures,...
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Ethics in Health Care Exam Review - Ethics in Health Care...

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