Ethics-Disease - EthicsDisease: Jan/Feb/March Questions:...

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Ethics—Disease: Jan/Feb/March Questions: What is the definition of “disease”? PG 83. (You will be asked to analyze/critique this on the exam.) Any deficit in terms of physical, physiological, psychological functioning of a person. (in terms of what society needs or expects from the person, or themselves) It’s not just the fact that you can’t get out of bed due to a broken leg, but it is what society EXPECTS of you, or what you expect or desire of yourself. That is a tremendous change in philosophy. Disease not only happens to the body, it is what happens to the body and how it is viewed by the person and by society. Things can happen to the body where there is a pathological functioning within an organ/tissue and it is not viewed as “disease”. There may be times when an organ is functioning well, but a society views that phenomenon as “disease”. That makes many complications. Do you agree with that definition of disease? Disease not only involves a physical malfunctioning/abnormality, but also how it is seen by the society and individual in terms of what is “expected” of them. In certain societies, physical/physiological malfunctions are viewed as a disease, and in some societies it is not. (EX: back pain, post partum depression) Society decides what “disease” is and what is not. A disease can change based on the “needs” of society. (we care for pilots struggling with depression, but when a war begins we ignore their “depression” and focus on societies need for people to fly our planes). As society needed women to serve important positions in society, masectomys became less of a “disease” and more something that needed to be dealt with. (masectomys used to make people stay at home because what they were needed for before-
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Ethics-Disease - EthicsDisease: Jan/Feb/March Questions:...

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