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Ethics---HPV Essay A Patient’s Right to Choice Karlyn Cotlow The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing Freedom is an essential component of the unalienable rights that an American citizen possesses. The freedom to speak, think, and act freely has been instilled in the American way of life. The government mandating its people to receive the Gardasil vaccine violates its foundation of preserving and protecting freedom. However, through failing to get vaccinated and risking spreading the Human Pappilomavirus (HPV) disease to others, are you infringing on their freedom, their right to know and be protected from the illness? Through the eyes of a Utilitarian, I will address and evaluate the troubles of mandatory Gardasil vaccination in regard to violating patient autonomy, diminishing the freedom of individuals from a diverse range of
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backgrounds, further limiting scarce resources, and increasing sexual promiscuity in younger age groups. The Facts Gardasil is a preventative vaccination that is administered to adolescent women to aid in the deterrence of HPV contraction. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease; therefore it is communicated between individuals when they engage in any sexual activity, ranging from vaginal, anal, to oral intercourse. Those who engage in these sexual acts in an unprotected manner increase their risk of contracting HPV. The manifestation of HPV can be seen in either a high or low risk state. Low risk HPV causes genital warts and low grade changes in cervical cells, whereas, high risk HPV can result in the symptoms previously stated along with the formation of pre cancerous and cancerous cervical cells. Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are a direct result of HPV. Seventy percent of those cases are attributed to HPV strains 16 and 18, which are two of the four strains that Gardasil protects against. About 20 million people are infected currently and half of those individuals are in the 15- 25 age group. Ethical Principles
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Ethics-hpv essay - EthicsHPVEssay A Patients Right to...

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