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Nursing Communication Notes - Communication in HC Notes See...

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Communication in HC Notes: * See N310 notes from email. On effective ways of communication. IMPORTANT! Pg 63 in syllabus. GROUP PRESENTATION. Should last about 20 min. No more than 20 mins. Nov2-exam 2, Nov 30-exam3 October 12th: Time in class to gather in groups to decide what topic to do for group presentation. October 14th: Going to write topics on board. Presentations are mid to late november. [can be over death/dying, how to talk to a 14 yr old regarding her sexuality, this project is 8% of grade, need 2 references] November 9th: NO CLASS!!!!!! Ineffective Communication Techniques, with a review of Effective Communication Techniques: Review effectives communication techniques.-->The following are EFFECTIVE. EX: Was this before or after….? What seemed to lead up to? When did this happen? Placing the event in time or sequence Ex: You appear tense. Are you uncomfortable when you…? I notice that you're biting your lips…. HP verbalizes what they perceive. Making Observations. EX: Have you had similar experiences? Was this something like the last time you had chest pain? Encouraging Description of Perceptions EX: Patient- Do you think I should tell the doctor? Nurse- Do you think you should? [Mirror] Reflecting EX: My name is…My visiting hours are…My purpose in being here is…I'm taking you to the…. Giving information EX: I'm not sure that I follow…. . Seeking clarification
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EX: Repeating an encapsulated form of the patient's primary words and thoughts, A way of seeking clarification and encouraging continued communication. Paraphrasing. EX: Have I got this straight? You've said that… During the past hour you and I have discussed…. Clarification technique. Summarizing EX: Tell me more about that! Would you like to describe it more fully? Exploring EX: Next time this comes up, what might you do to handle it? What could you do to let your anger our harmlessly? Encouraging the formation of a plan of action Ineffective Communication Techniques: 1) Reassuring: "Everything will be okay", instead you can say "we are doing everything we can" or you can encourage her to talk about how she is feeling. 2) Giving Approval: "You are making the right choice", " I approve of your choice" 3) Rejecting: " I don't like you! " , " Can't work with you because you are an alcoholic. I have a problem with that." (May be in thoughts versus statements) 4) Disapproval: "Your behavior is horrible!", "You were very bad to kill your mother" 5) Advising: Giving an opinion. " I would do this if I were you". We want patients to be problem solvers for their own problems. 6) Probing: "How much did that rock on your finger cost?" 7) Defending: "You shouldn't say that. It makes him sad." 8) Belittling Feelings Expressed: "You don't really feel sad, do you?" 9) Making Stereotyped Comments: "You'll wise up one of these days", "No pain, no gain" 10) Interpreting: "You dreamed that because you feel guilty", "I'm sure this is related to your childhood trauma"
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Nursing Communication Notes - Communication in HC Notes See...

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