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PAPERRRR for sociology - Karlyn Cotlow Kc23498 SOC 302...

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Karlyn Cotlow Kc23498 SOC 302: Paper 1 Correlation between Single Parent Households and Adolescent Depression In the modern Western world it has been well established that the structure a family contributes to society is vital to society’s progress and development. The institution of marriage provides for procreation between a man and a woman in order to allow for future generations in society and thus the continuation of society itself. Marriage demonstrates the ultimate form of commitment between two individuals and binds them and, if applicable, their offspring together to produce a family unit. The goal of a healthy family unit is to support the education of its members, provide for the needs of its constituents, and help them discover a sense of self through their identification with the “family”. The family unit is essential in fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of individuals, which is mandatory, in my opinion, for achieving economic and social development. As a result, if the concept of marriage or family were to deteriorate or diminish in its importance it could cause society itself to halt in its progress and expansion. Therefore, the sociological question I chose to address in this particular assignment was whether or not children from single parent households are more likely to suffer from depression than children from nuclear households. The single parent households I refer to in this paper should be assumed to be a result of divorce. This question is relevant in society today as divorce becomes more readily accepted and as more children are being forced to grow and develop in single parent households. This change in the familial framework of our society and evolution in the definition of a family unit could result in long-term consequences for those family’s children
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and it should therefore be investigated as a potential sociological problem. It is my belief that the corrosion of a good healthy family relationship, through the diminishing of the contemporary traditional family unit, contributes to and is in fact correlated to adolescent depression. Adolescent depression, if left unaddressed, could lead to social conflict at various levels of societies’ infrastructure and therefore it is pertinent that we investigate and develop measures to prevent its arousal. In order to evaluate if a correlation between single parent households and adolescent depression exists, we will first discuss possible reasoning for adolescent depression (and furthermore, their susceptibility to suicidal thoughts), then we will assess how the changes initiated by divorce directly and indirectly influence an adolescent’s well being, and we will conclude by addressing the importance of roles such support, reliability, and consistency in successful parent-child relationships and therefore adolescent mental health.
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