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Sociology: Jan 24, 2011 What is sociology? Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies. Sociology is not social work. Socio- (means companion or member, in this context it means anything that is social—social actions that you do with another person, and how those actions are structured) -Logy (means the study of) Sociology claims to be a science. Sociology as a Science Empirical Investigation Analysis of Data Theoretical Thinking: Why did the US pass a health reform? And why was it this reform in comparison to another? Logical Assessment of arguments: Sees if any variables were not considered, left out. Sociological Perspective What is the influence of society on “self”? Why do certain groups evolve? How does sociology compare to other social sciences? It is one of many social sciences that deal with social human beings. Anthropology also focuses on humans, but has a separate tradition in history. It grew out of looking at different colonized societies. Sociological Imagination Individual concerns and societal issues Skepticism Intended and unintended consequences: Obamas HC plans- what were the intended and unintended consequences? Another good example is Sept 11. What were the intended and unintended consequences? Social Structure [can think of it in terms of households, all the way to global social structure] Roles Social Positions Socioeconomic status: Positions that people have in society due to income, age, and education. Underlying regularities/patterns. Permanence to how people interact over time.
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Social Construction/Structuration History: Looks at the evolution of a specific society Meaning: We shape our social world and we are shaped by our social world . We attach meanings to our actions Social Change: [ Alteration of the basic structures of a social group or society] Community to Society Industrialization: Modernity Level of Analysis Micro- Study of everyday behavior in situations of face to face interactions Meso- Urbanizations and networks that link micro and macro together. An example could be higher education. Macro- Globalization, Industrialization. Creation of nation states. Lecture Three- Research Methods: OUTLINE: Review Auguste Comte: (1798-1857) o From France. o Coined the term “sociology”. o “Social Physics” o Positivism: The idea that with more knowledge you could create a Utopian society. o He broke down the process of human understanding into: Theological (understanding world by trying to understand divine intent of God/spirits) “Why is there sickness?”…. .”Because it is the will of God/transcendant beings” Through revelation we come to understand how the world operates. Metaphysical
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SociologyNOTES - Sociology What is sociology Sociology is...

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