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Unformatted text preview: LATIN100 NOTES Joe Koerner Office: Ritter Rm 7 11-12:30 MWF Latin Exercises on SLU website Exam Qs Nouns/adj |Root| -ending 5 Cases: Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Ablative, Vocative Remembering present infinitive endings: MOST MUST ISNT 1 st Declension largely feminine few masculine mostly describe occupation words 2 nd Declension Nearly all nouns are masculine or neuter All nouns have -i as genitive singular ending Vocative singular for meus = mi 1 st /2 nd Conjugation Present Active Imperative: sing = present stem; pl = add te to stem Ex: Lauda, Laudate; Mone, Monete means Praise/Save me! Adj Must have noun-adj agreement in 1 st /2 nd declension same #, gender, case Declined just like nouns Masculine/neuter ending use 2 nd declension Feminine endine use 1 st declension Dictionary uses genitive, singular ending to denote declension Nouns -ae = 1 st - = 2 nd is = 3 rd Verbs -re, -v, -tum = 1 st -re, -u, -itum = 2 nd -ere, -, -ctum = 3 rd -re, -v, -tum = 4 th 3 rd declension No set nominative singular ending Acc neuter sing looks like whatever nom sing is All nouns have sing gen ending of is Often stem changes nepos, nepotism Masculine Nouns -or, -oris/-tor, -toris Feminine Nouns -tas, -tatis/-tus, -tutis/ -tudo, tudinis/-tio, tionis Neuter Nouns -us, -poris/-eris tempus, temporis/genus, generis -e/-al/-ar, -is mare, maris/ animal, animalis -men, minis nomen, nominis...
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This note was uploaded on 02/14/2012 for the course LATN 100 taught by Professor Koerner during the Fall '11 term at MO St. Louis.

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