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Cognitive Errors Name Definition All-or-nothing thinking You think of things in terms like “always” “never” or “every”. This can also be called “black and white” thinking because things are either all good or all bad with no shades of grey in between. Overgeneralization You may jump to conclusions based on one small thing. You may also think that because a bad outcome happened once, it is bound to happen again. Magnification You exaggerate the negative, making disasters out of small
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Unformatted text preview: problems. Minimization You ignore or diminish the importance of positive events or your own positive traits. Personalization When something bad happens, you blame yourself for it, even if there is little evidence that you were at fault. Ignoring the Evidence Also known as a mental filter, this is when you focus on negative things while ignoring plenty of positive aspects of the situation that may contradict your view....
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