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AnS 211 Textbook Assignments The purpose of the textbook assignments is for you to read and evaluate some of the ethical arguments concerning animals that have been written. We will be using “ The Animal Ethics Reader ” edited by Susan J. Armstrong and Richard G. Botzler for AnS 211 this semester. A copy of the textbook has been placed on reserve in the ISU Library and copies can be purchased at the ISU Bookstore. Look through the “ List of Contributors ” section of the book so that you can become familiar with the authors of the articles included in the text. You may even want to look up more information about some of the contributors. Some of the articles can be a little difficult to understand for “animal science folks” as the articles are often written by philosophers. Philosophers use their own terms and language just like “animal science folks” use terms like steer, capon, and bitch that maybe unfamiliar to philosophers. Even though some of the articles may be difficult to read, it is important that “animal science folks” are familiar with the various philosophical arguments concerning animals. I have tried to restate some of the author’s arguments. Should you feel that I have not fairly stated the author’s argument, please include your own interpretation of the author’s argument in your homework assignment. You are expected to read selected chapters of the textbook and prepare your response to questions before class. Your individual responses to the questions should be typed and brought to class. Satisfactory completion of the homework requires a thoughtful response to the questions (more than a yes or no response). Your initial reaction to some authors may be that the author is just “crazy”. Stating only that you think the author is “crazy” is not an acceptable response either. You need to address the author’s argument logically and explain where and why you disagree with their argument. Please read the questions being addressed by other groups for each chapter. Each student is only required to read selected chapters (55-75 pages) from the complete text (600+ pages) but I would encourage you to read additional chapters that may be of interest to you based upon their titles and summaries listed here. Be sure to put your name , due date and group number on each assignment. Your responses to questions should be numbered the same as on this assignment sheet. Please copy the question onto your assignment sheet before you write your response. Satisfactory responses to questions will typically be a paragraph or more for each question . Your responses for each assignment should fit on one page (front and back if needed). In class, you will share your responses with your group, form a collective group response and
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1.7 textbook_S2012 - AnS 211 Textbook Assignments The...

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