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214L Syllabus S12 - 1 ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Domestic Animal...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Spring, 2012 Instructor: Dr. Ted Huiatt Office: 119H Kildee Hall; Office Hours: by appointment Phone: 294-8289 Email: twhuiatt@iastate.edu Background of the Course: This is the laboratory companion course to AnS 214 Domestic Animal Physiology. This lab is designed to show you the location of the various organs and tissues that are described in the physiology lecture course and the physical relationships between these anatomical components. An effort has been made to coordinate the coverage of major topics between the lecture and laboratory courses, but due to time constraints and availability of fresh specimens, not all material presented in the physiology portion of the AnS 214 lecture will be presented at the same time as the information in the laboratory. This laboratory course is required of all animal science, dairy science, animal science pre-vet and dairy science pre-vet students and is to be taken concurrently with the lecture. Course Objectives: The overall goal is to learn gross anatomy of livestock species. By the end of the course, you should: Be able to identify the location of the major organs and tissues in livestock species, including swine, cattle, sheep and chickens. Know the major physiological function(s) for each anatomical component you learn. Be able to describe and use anatomic terms used to describe the body (the vocabulary terms, directional terms, and planes of section) Special Thanks To: Dr. George Brant, who retired in the fall of 2009. Dr. Brant established the course, wrote the original version of this lab manual, collected numerous specimens that we are still using, and taught the course for many years. Sara Schuler Hooge, BS in Animal Science 1999, DVM 2004, who helped develop this manual,. She contributed most of the drawings, developed the basic style and contributed many ideas for presentation of the material. Laura Baseler, BS in Animal Science 2006, who created additional images. Kurtis Garton and Sarah Mull, undergraduates in Animal Science and TAs in 2009, who completed a significant revision of the previous manual to yield this much improved version. Many graduate and undergraduate students, too numerous to mention, who have helped out in lab the last several years and have contributed updates and revisions. 2 Laboratory Schedule Date Lab # Activity Jan. 10 1 Internal Anatomy of the Pig 17 2 Respiratory System 24 3 Central Nervous System 31 4 a & b a) Urinary System; b) Skeletal system Feb. Feb....
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214L Syllabus S12 - 1 ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Domestic Animal...

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