Avian Internal Anatomy Review Key

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Unformatted text preview: AVIAN INTERNAL ANATOMY Esophagus Larynx Crop Laryngeal Cleft Palatine Cleft Infundibular Cleft ID: FUNCTION: Avian Digestive System 1. Palatine cleft (choanal cleft) 2. Infundibular cleft 3. Laryngeal cleft 4. Larynx 5. Crop 6. Proventriculus 7. Ventriculus (gizzard) 8. Meckel’s diverticulum 9. Bursa of Fabricus liver Passage between oral and nasal cavities Remains open to permit pressure equalization in flight Opening into larynx Allows passage of air from oropharynx into trachea Feed storage area Secretes pepsinogen for protein breakdown and HCl Grinds feed Lymphocyte production Produces B-lymphocytes proventriculus gall bladder duodenum Meckel's diverticulum pancreas *Review the digestive system in depth, not all terms included in worksheet spleen gizzard ventriculus ceca Avian Mouth Diagram 1 2 3 4 5 6 # 1 2 ID Upper beak Function prehension 4 prehension Tongue Taste, ensures food goes only in one direction. Palantine cleft Passage between oral and nasal cavities. Infundibular cleft 3 Lower beak Remains open to permit pressure equalization in flight. 5 6 Oropharynx Combined oral and pharyngeal space. ...
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