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Avian Repro Review Key

Avian Repro Review Key - Avian Reproductive System Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Avian Reproductive System Review - KEY Page 1 of 3 Epididymis Testis Vas deferens Vas Deferens Cloaca ID: Male Reproductive System 1. Testis 2. Epididymis 3. Vas deferens 4. Ureter 5. Cloaca FUNCTION: Production of sperm and testosterone Increase sperm motility and sperm fertilizing capacity Sperm storage, maximizing motility and fertilizing capacity, sperm maturation, add accessory fluid to sperm Transport urine to the cloaca Juncture of the ureters, colon, and reproductive systems 6. What is the vent? External opening of the cloaca. Reproductive, urinary, and fecal material exits 7. Where are the testes located, and do they have accessory glands? Anterior end of the kidneys. No, deferens add accessory fluid. 8. Do the testes descend in birds? No they do not. here. the vas Female Reproductive System Infundibulum Infundibulum Magnum Isthmuis Follicles Isthmus Magnum Uterus Uterus Cloaca/Vent Avian Reproductive System Review - KEY Page 2 of 3 Ovary Vagina Uterus Oviduct Isthmus Magnum 9. Ovary 10. Follicles 11. Stigma Line 12. Oviduct: (5 parts, Function/time) 1) Infundibulum . Magnum 2) . Isthmus 3) . Uterus 4) . Utero-vaginal juncture Vagina 5) . 13. Cloaca Responsible for ova production and estrogen production. Reproductive gametes of the female. Site of ovulation Catches ova when it is ovulated, location of sperm storage and fertilization. 1/4 hour . . Two shell membranes are deposited. 1 1/4 hours. . Plumping, egg shell and shell pigment deposited. 15 grams of water taken up, 20 3/4 hours. . Provides a storage area for sperm after copulation until oviposition occurs. Sperm can be . stored for 42 days. Rotates the egg from pointed end down to round end down. 1/4 hour . Secretes the albumen protein or egg white. 3 hours Location where large intestine, ureters, and reproductive system meet. 14. What is the name for the largest follicle found called? F1 15. Does a CH, CL, or a CA form in birds? No 16. What is oviposition? laying the egg. Happens 1/2 hour 17. Do birds have a urinary bladder? No Follicle after egg rotates in vagina. *Review parts of the egg diagram in your lab manual Avian Reproductive System Review - KEY Page 3 of 3 AVIAN FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 # ID 1 Ribs 2 Liver Function 3 Heart 4 Ceca 5 Spleen 6 F1 follicle 7 Uterus 8 Magnum Processes nutrients; produces bile Four-chambered. Pumps blood to the rest of the body. Fermentation of residual starch, some cellulose. Absorption of VFA's, vitamins, water. Lymphocyte production Largest follicle, reproductive gamete of the female Where plumping occurs and egg shell and shell pigment are deposited Secretes the albumen protein, or egg white ...
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