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CNS Quiz Questions

CNS Quiz Questions - 9 What part of the brain is...

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AnS 214L Sample Quiz Questions Central Nervous System These are questions that have been used on Quizzes in previous semesters. While the questions on this semester’s Quizzes may be different, being able to answer these questions should help you remember the material for this semester’s Quizzes and Exams. 1. What is one behavior that the hypothalamus regulates? 2. True/ False. The thalamus is a relay center for all sensory information going to the cerebrum. 3. Name one of the regulatory centers found in the Medulla Oblongata. (hint: there are three of them) 4. What feature of White Matter gives it its name? 5. What is another name for the pituitary? 6. How many cerebral lobes are there? 7. Name one cerebral lobe, and give a function of that lobe (you should know all of them). 8. True/False. Cranial nerves are nerves that connect directly to the brain.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What part of the brain is responsible for coordination of movement? 10. True/False The Optic chiasm is the band of mervous tissue connecting the halves of the cerebrum. 11. The _________________ system processes olfactory information and is the neural basis of emotion in higher animals. 12. True/False. Gray matter contains high concentrations of myelinated axons. 13. Name 2 hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary. 14. The ______________________ processes olfactory information and is the neural basis of emotional states.? 15. What is a cranial nerve? 16. How many cranial nerves are there? (or how many pairs of cranial nerves are there?) 17. What are mixed nerves?...
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