Exam1-KEY-214L-F11 - ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Fall 2011 Exam # 1...

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ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Fall 2011 Exam # 1 Oct. 11, 2011 Name KEY Lab Section Instructions: This exam consists of five parts with several types of questions. Write your answers on this exam paper, in the blanks provided. For multiple choice questions, circle your choice for the correct answer. This exam is worth a total of 120 points. Part I – Identification and Function (54 points) For each pinned and numbered structure on the specimens or diagrams, identify the structure and give one function for that structure. Be as precise as possible. INTERNAL ANATOMY OF THE PIG and MONOGASTRIC DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Structure Function submandibular or 1. submaxillary salivary gland secretes salivary amylase, mucin, bicarbonate & water 2. esophagus carries food (or drink) from the pharynx to the stomach separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity; 3. diaphragm contracts to increase the size of the thoracic cavity produces lymphocytes; removes old erythrocytes (red 4. spleen blood cells) from blood & recycles components carries nutrient rich blood from the stomach, small 5. hepatic portal system intestine and large intestine to the liver 6. thyroid cartilage protects the vocal cords 7. larynx vocalization; carries air from the pharynx to the trachea processes nutrients, maintains level of nutrients in blood; 8. liver secretes bile, IGF-I and angiotensinogen… produces leukocytes; 9. greater omentum protects abdominal cavity from stomach leakage/rupture 10. ileum absorbs bile salts, water, electrolytes, vitamin B 12 microbial fermentation of residual starch & some cellulose; 11. cecum absorption of fermentation products, VFAs, vitamins, water
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AnS 214L, Fall 2011, Exam # 1 Page 2 of 8 URINARY SYSTEM 12. Identify the species for each of the pinned organs (function is not required for this question): A. cow B. sheep Structure Function 13. cloaca joint passageway for feces, urine and sperm/eggs 14. renal column supports the renal cortex 15. renal cortex filters the blood (to produce glomerular filtrate) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM 16. Identify the indicated structure on the diagram (function is not required for this question): A. cranial thoracic air sac B. abdominal air sac Structure Function
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Exam1-KEY-214L-F11 - ANIMAL SCIENCE 214L Fall 2011 Exam # 1...

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