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G&D Quiz Questions

G&D Quiz Questions - AnS 214L Sample Quiz Questions...

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AnS 214L Sample Quiz Questions Growth and Development These are questions that have been used on Quizzes in previous semesters. While the questions on this semester’s Quizzes may be different, being able to answer these questions should help you remember the material for this semester’s Quizzes and Exams. 1. What type of growth continues throughout an animal’s lifetime and is a characteristic of lower vertebrates? 2. What is hypertrophy? 3. Name one organ or system that develops from the Mesoderm tissue layer. 4. ________________________growth is when the body grows up to a certain point and ____________________growth continues throughout the lifetime of the individual. 5. What is the outer layer of the blastocyst, which establishes the placenta? 6. What is the mulberry shaped, solid ball of cells that forms after cleavage? 7. True/False. Mammalian cleavage is much faster than most other species. 8. The ______ (Fetus or Embryo) is from implantation through formation of organs and organ systems? 9. What is the process by which a cell becomes specialized?
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