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AnS 214L Sample Quiz Questions Mammalian Male Reproductive System These are questions that have been used on Quizzes in previous semesters. While the questions on this semester’s Quizzes may be different, being able to answer these questions should help you remember the material for this semester’s Quizzes and Exams. 1. Name two of the three features that help with temperature regulation of the Testes. 2. Name the penis type that is unable to change in diameter or length. 3. Name one accessory gland of the male reproductive system. 4. Name one function of the accessory gland fluids. 5. What is the function of the vas deferens? 6. In which cells in the testes is testosterone produced? 7. Which part of the epididymis is the sperm stored in? 8. True/ False. The vascular penis contains a large amount of connective tissue.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Name two of the three accessory glands. (2pts) 10. What is the function of Sertoli cells? 11. True/ False. The pampiniform plexus is a mechanism for temperature regulation. 12. What is considered semen? (hint: what two things make it up?). 13. What does the pampiniform plexus do? 14. What happens in the body of the epididymis? 15. Where does sperm production occur? 16. Name one penile type. 17. The Sertoli cells produce testosterone. 18. True/ False. All species have an ampulla. 19. What are the three portions of the epididymis? 20. What structure takes sperm from the tail of the epididymis to the urethra during sexual excitement?...
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