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Unformatted text preview: The Male Mammalian Reproductive System pampiniform plexus Cremaster muscle Head of epididymis body of epididymis tail of epididymis testis ID: 1. Testis 2. Epididymis 1) head of epididymis. 2) body of epididymis. 3) tail of epididymis. 3. Vas deferens 4. Ampulla 5. Urinary Bladder Accessory Glands: 6. Seminal vesicles 7. Prostate gland 8. Bulbourethral gland FUNCTION: male gonads; produce sperm and testosterone fluid absorption to increase concentration of sperm sperm maturation sperm storage . . . takes sperm from tail of epididymis to urethra speeds up ejaculation stores urine neutralize residual acidity in the male urethra supply nutrients for the sperm . activate sperm in some species supply a gel to prevent fertilization by another male prostate gland seminal vesicles bulbourethral gland urinary bladder ureters penis retractor muscle vas deferens testis Temperature Regulation: cools arterial blood going into the testes and warms venous blood leaving the testes going back into the body. 9. Pampiniform plexus contracts when testes are cold and expands when they are warm 10. Tunica dartos pulls testes closer or farther from the body depending upon the temperature 11. Cremaster muscle 12. What is another temperature regulating mechanism found? tail of epididymis The Male Mammalian Reproductive System Located in the Testis: 12. Seminiferous tubules 13. Leydig cells 14. Sertoli cells where sperm production occurs produce testosterone forms blood-testis barrier 16. Name the species and type of penis for picture A-C: Bull A B Boar fibro-elastic fibro-elastic Horse C seminal vesicles vascular urinary bladder penis retractor muscle prostate gland testis Cowper's gland No ampulla 17. What is different about the boar compared to the ram or bull? 18. What are the two different penile types? Fibro-elastic and vascular 19. Once accessory fluid is added to sperm in the urethra, the fluid is referred as what? *Be able to identify the Sigmoid flexure semen ...
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