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AnS 214L Sample Quiz Questions Mammary System These are questions that have been used on Quizzes in previous semesters. While the questions on this semester’s Quizzes may be different, being able to answer these questions should help you remember the material for this semester’s Quizzes and Exams. 1. What is the largest storage area of the mammary gland? 2. TRUE/FALSE. An apocrine gland is a gland that loses part of the cell during secretion. 3. The largest storage area of the mammary gland is the _______? a. Teat Cistern b. Gland Cistern c. Collecting Ducts d. Alveoli 4. The mammary gland is an apocrine gland. What is a characteristic of an apocrine gland?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Name one of the three supports for the udder. 6. What provides the primary support of the udder? 7. The external opening of the mammary gland is the _________________________________. 8. TRUE/FALSE. Myoepithelial cells are the cells responsible for forming and secreting milk in a lactating female. 9. TRUE/FALSE. The pudic artery is the main blood supply to the udder. 10. TRUE/FALSE Myoepithelial cells are contractile cells that surround the gland cistern. 11. Name one of the pathways by which blood returns to the heart from the mammary system....
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