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Unformatted text preview: AnS 214L Lab 5 Muscular System: Skeletal Muscles of the Pig Muscle Types Skeletal – – – – Cardiac (Heart) Cardiac Muscle Smooth Smooth Muscle – – – – Striated Elongated cells Multinucleated cells Voluntary Skeletal Muscle Striated Branched cells 1-3 central nuclei Involuntary – Nonstriated – Single central nucleus – Involuntary Light Micrograph of Skeletal Muscle Electron Micrograph of Skeletal Muscle From: Light Micrograph of Cardiac Muscle From Dr. Gwen Childs, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, taken from, at Cardiac Muscle Structure Light micrograph of mammalian cardiac muscle, showing individual cells and centrally located nuclei Electron Micrograph of Cardiac Muscle From U.C. Davis Medical Histology Website Smooth Muscle H&E Stained muscularis externa = muscle layer of intestine Spindle-shaped, mononucleated cells – 5-10 μm in diameter – 30-200 μm long Centrally-located nuclei From the Boston University Histology Learning System, at: index.htm EM of Smooth Muscle From the Boston University Histology Learning System, at: Material to Know Muscle types and functions Types of smooth muscle contractions – Peristalsis – Segmentation Skeletal muscle attachments – Origin and Insertion Specific muscles in the hindleg – Biceps femoris – Quadriceps femoris – Gastrocnemius – Gracilis – Semimembranosus – Semitendinosus More Material to Know Muscles of the side – Cutaneous trunci – Longissimus – Latissimus dorsi – Obliquus externus abdominis – Rectus abdominis Specific locations of these and other muscles will be covered in the lab ...
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