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Unformatted text preview: Pig Skeletal Muscles KEY Page 1 of 2 Pig Skeletal Muscles KEY Page 2 of 2 Identifications: 1. quadriceps femoris 12. obliquus externus abdominis 2. biceps femoris 13. re ectus abdominis 3. gluteus group 14. serratus ventralis 4. longissimus 15. tr riceps group 5. trapezius 16. semitendinosus 6. latissimus dorsi 17. semimembranosus 7. supraspinatus 18. gastrocnemius 8. infraspinatus 19. b iceps femoris 9. serratus ventralis 20. p soas major 10. triceps group 21. gracilis 11. pectorales profundi What muscle it found on the back of the scapula? subscapu ularis What muscle is found directly under the skin, and has horizo ntal striations? cutaneous trunci What ate the two special types of contractions associated w ith smooth muscle? 1. peristalsis 2. segmentation t ...
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