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Unformatted text preview: AnS 214L – Lab 4 4a – The Urinary system Kidneys Urine storage and transport system Adrenal Glands - not part of urinary system but located on kidneys 4b – The Skeletal System Bones Urinary System Functions • Removal of waste products – Filters the blood – Resorbs water and useful components • Collects and stores urine • Regulation of body water – Regulates blood volume and blood pressure • Regulation of blood (body) pH (acid/base balance) • Regulates electrolyte balance • Production of renin and erythropoetin Urinary System Components • Mammals – 2 kidneys – 2 ureters – urinary bladder – Urethra Urinary System Components • Avian – 2 kidneys – 2 ureters – Cloaca • Urine stored in large intestine • Parts to know – Renal cortex – Renal medulla – Renal Pelvis – Renal pyramids – Renal columns Nephron • functional unit of the kidney • 2 parts 1. renal corpuscle 2. renal tubule Renal corpuscle - glomerular capsule - glomerulus Filters the blood - Renal Tubule • Proximal convoluted tubule • Loop of Henle • Distal convoluted tubule Converts filtrate to urine Things to know • Urinary – Names and functions of the parts of the urinary system shown here • Skeletal – General functions – Types of skeletons – Subdivisions of the endoskeletal system – Attachments – Parts of a bone ...
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