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224 Quiz 2 2012-01-25 key

224 Quiz 2 2012-01-25 key - establishment of breeds D...

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ANS 224 Quiz 2 1/25/12 1) Only which of the following is an example of a potentially ancient “breed” of cat. A) Bombay B) Sphinx C) Siamese D) Snowshoe E) Maine Coon 2) All of the following are types of primordial or ancient dog “types” except: 3) The correct progression of dog domestication was:
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Unformatted text preview: establishment of breeds D) Domestication from wolf, continued admixture of wolf genetics, formation of primordial types, establishment of breeds E) Establishment of breeds, domestication from wolf, admixture of wolf genetics, formation of primordial types. 4) Domestic cat’s precursor’s relationship with humans, in contract to, for example the crow’s relationship, is best defined by what term below: A) Tame animals B) Opportunistic animals C) Feral animals D) Mutualist animals E) Domestic animals 5) True/False: Cats outnumber dogs as pets in the USA. A) True B) False...
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