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224 Quiz 3 2012-02-01

224 Quiz 3 2012-02-01 - part A Korat and Persian B Burmese...

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Quiz 3 ANS 224 2/1/12 1) TICA is the cat equivalent of the FCI. A) True B) False 2) FCI has fewer recognized breeds than the AKC. A) True B) False 3) The oldest cat registry in the USA is? A) Cat Fanciers’ Assoc. – CFA B) American Cat Fanciers Assoc C) TICA D) American Cat Association E) The North Amercian Cat Fancy 4) The and breeds of cats are simply coat length variants for the most
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Unformatted text preview: part. A) Korat and Persian B) Burmese and Birman C) Abyssinian and Somali D) Angora and Somali E) Turkish Van and Siamese 5) A sphinx cat . . . A) Is genetically hairless B) Has a crimped or wavy short hair coat C) Has a crimped or wavy long hair coat D) Has a normal short hair coat E) Has a normal long hair coat...
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