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FarrMgt 2-3-12 - ISU ISU Facility Pre-farrowing Checklist...

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1 ISU Farrowing Management AnS 225 Spring 2012 ISU Facility Pre-farrowing Checklist Practice all-in, all-out management Remove all animals prior to introducing new groups Clean and disinfect the room Floors, feeders, heat mats, ventilation systems, etc Rotate disinfectants over time (every 3 months) • Reduce microbial resistance Provide routine maintenance Proper adjustments, repairs, replacement Establish a warm and dry facility for the sow 60-65° F in the sow area ISU Farrowing Equipment Designed to reduce pig crushing Force sows to drop slowly to their knees then roll onto their side Narrow sides with more open bottom is often used Designed for easy access to the udder Designed for good air flow Designed for easy of cleaning Designed for the comfort of the female ISU Bow-bar Crates ISU Finger-Sided Crates ISU Finger Crates
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ISU Floor Considerations Sanitation Ease of manure transfer (cleaning ability) Piglet performance Non-slip surface, correct size openings Avoid knee and foot abrasions Thermal properties Heat retention, pig vs sow comfort Cost Life expectancy Tenderfoot, woven wire, tri-bar Avoid concrete – cold, rough surface ISU Floor Pattern in Crate Sow * Durable *Cool *Non-slip Pig area Pig area Manure area *Sanitation *Most wear *Warm *Dry *Comfortable *Sanitation ISU Supplemental Heat in the Creep Area Heat lamps Creep area should be 90-95º F Height and number of lamps controls temperature Pigs have some control over their thermal comfort Heating pads Thermostatic control of heat Pigs lie on or off Hovers Boxes that create a controlled temperature zone ISU Lamp Floor Warmest Cooler Cooler With heat lamps, there are many temperature zones NC State, B. Flowers ISU Floor Heating Pad Warm Due to the way in which heat is supplied, there usually is a warm zone (on the pad) and a cold zone (off the pad) with heat pads. Cold
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FarrMgt 2-3-12 - ISU ISU Facility Pre-farrowing Checklist...

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