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abnorrndities. He took out the heart, and the heart itself was normal, but the membrane around the heart was not typical. It was tougher and not easy to cut through. This was an indication of a bacterial infection. We then looked at the intestine and most particularly the ilium. We looked for any abnormalities in the ilium. The ilium in this case was normal, so ileitis was not a factor. We then looked at all of the lymph nodes for swelling and nothing appeared to be abnormal. I think that there is a lot of value in performing necropsies. If you see the signs of a possible disease in your heard, performing a necropsy can help you confirm what the disease is, and give you an action plan about how you are going to
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Unformatted text preview: treat the disease. [t is important to pick the right pig to perform a necropsy on. You don't want to pick the pig that is almost dead, or the pig that you have already treated. It is important to pick a pig that is just beginning to show signs and a pig that best represents the heard. Hogs are such a confined group of animals that if one gets sick it is very transferable to other pigs because of such close quarters. It makes sense to perform a necropsy because by sacrificing one animal you could save a one thousand head barn. To get out in front of a disease before it makes a considerable impact on your herd is a very valuable tool....
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