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Pork Org 1-23-12 - ISU ISU Overview of Pork Industry...

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1 ISU Overview of Pork Industry Associations AnS 225 Spring 2012 ISU National Swine Growers Council First national pork organization Organized in the mid-1950s Producers concerned about future growth and profitability Volunteer organization for producer education No staff or treasury Led the way with the change to “meat type’ hog ISU National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Early 60’s Movement to promote product Moline 90 gathered to establish voluntary checkoff --- Nickels for Profit 90 producers from 11 states “Get Ready Fund” of $80,000 (8 producers) Started in 4 counties in IA and IL First check received was $4.90 Product promotion to create sales ISU NPPC CEO’s Pig Paul – first hired executive 1966-68 J. Marvin Garner – executive with office and staff 1968-1979 Orville Sweet – new building, nitrite battle, Pork Act 1979-1986 Russ Sanders – PTOWM 1986-1995 Larry Graham – 1995-1997 Al Tank – Separation 1997-2002 Neil Dierks – Policy Organization ISU History of Pork Checkoff 1967 – First voluntary funds collected in six pilot counties in IA and IL 1968 – National “Nickels for Profit” started – 16 states were organized 1970 – Membership at 40,000 producers 1977 – Voluntary checkoff raised to 10¢/head 1986 – National legislative checkoff begins – 0.25% of market value 1991 – Checkoff raised to 0.35% of market value 1995 – Checkoff raised to 0.45% of market value 2002 – Checkoff lowered to 0.40% of market value ISU Pork Checkoff -- Legislative Began in 1986 with passage of Pork Act as part of 1985 Farm Bill Pork Act set up National Pork Board as official organization to administer funds collected Checkoff funds to be used for promotion, research, and consumer information National Pork Producers Council was exclusive contractor for programs for NPB Became controversial in late 90’s during industry restructuring and economic crisis USDA calls for separation of policy organization from program organization in 2001
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2 ISU Progression of Pork Organizations National Swine Growers Council National Pork Producers Council (National Pork Board responsible for checkoff funds) National Pork Producers Council – policy organization National Pork Board – leadership for Pork Checkoff 1965 2001
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Pork Org 1-23-12 - ISU ISU Overview of Pork Industry...

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