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1 ISU Breeding Herd Management Introducing and Developing Breeding Animals AnS 225 Spring 2012 ISU Optimal Introduction Strategy Herd (situation) specific Economic question (?) Purchased or raised Mature or “start-up” herd ISU Isolation of Replacements Newly acquired animals should be isolated from the herd so that diseases are not spread into the herd by waste water, airborne transport or by animal caretakers 1 - 2 miles separation Four weeks minimum ISU Acclimatization Conditioning new animals for introduction to the production unit Any vaccinations should be given during this period Expose new animals to microorganisms by introducing cull animals ISU Protocol for Acclimatization of Incoming Animals 1. All-in, all-out facility away from rest of animals 2. Vaccinate in the first week for pathogens in the receiving herd 3. Week 2: introduce cull animals 4. Repeat vaccinations in week 3 and 4 5. Run serology tests in week 5 to check for serum titers to organisms in the receiving herd 6. Increase nutrition to prepare incoming animals for maximum performance ISU Birth Weaning Breeding Farrowing Weaning Chronological Aspects of Gilt Management Puberty NC State Selection
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2 ISU Puberty Combination of factors affect puberty Brain, ovary and uterus all must be capable of behaving in a mature fashion 1 st Ovary matures 2 nd Uterus matures 3 rd Brain is the last to reach sexual maturity NC State ISU Expression of Puberty Boar exposure is the primary stimulus that induces or “triggers” puberty Transportation Phenomenon “Stress” triggers estrous and synchrony in pre- puberal females if timing (>160 to 170 days) is correct • Movement to new facility, outside, mixing, etc. • Estrus normally expressed in 4 to 6 days Exogenous hormones PG600 -- response in 4 to 6 days • Not recommended as a routine practice ISU Boar Exposure Expect 70 to 75% of gilts to exhibit estrus within 28 days of initiation of boar exposure Pheromones produced by the boar are believed to be the primary component Sight, sound and “feel” of boar enhance the response Physical contact is helpful Fence-line contact is typical practice ISU Boar Exposure Most genotypes of gilts are capable of responding to stimuli by 165 to 190 days with some as early as 150 days Significant variation in average age of puberty after
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Repr1 1-27-12 - ISU ISU Breeding Herd Management Optimal...

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