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06-Transition cows - Transition period Transition Cows 3...

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1 Transition Cows Transition period 3 weeks prepartum to 3 weeks postpartum Most critical and most stressful time period for cow Some extend this to a “100-day contract” to also include getting the cow re-bred Transition period Many changes occur mammary gland reproductive system immune system digestive system Transition period Most metabolic and digestive disorders occur during this period: milk fever (parturient paresis or hypocalcemia) ketosis (acetonemia) displaced abomasums (DA, LDA, RDA) acidosis (SARA – sub acute rumen acidosis) Milk fever Usually occurs within 24-48 hr after calving but can occur prepartum higher frequency in older cows than young higher frequency in Jerseys Primarily involves inability to regulate calcium blood Ca drops, affecting muscles, thus inability to rise Cows are recumbent and unable to rise Milk fever Symptoms: No fever Ears and teats actually hypothermic Loss of appetite Pulse and respiration rates increase 100% fatal if untreated!
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2 Milk fever Reducing incidence rate involves: feeding low Ca diets prepartum feeding anionic salts prepartum ((Na + K) – (Cl + S)) drenching with Ca bolus immediately postpartum K likely involved as well feed low K diets prepartum Milk fever Treatment involves slowly giving Ca IV (intravenously) too rapid and Ca will cause heart to stop may require second treatment 8 hr later Ketosis Occurs when cows are mobilizing large quantities of body fat Liver cannot breakdown fat fast enough (incomplete oxidation)
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06-Transition cows - Transition period Transition Cows 3...

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