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Current issues paper directions - AnS 235 Current Issues...

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AnS 235 Current Issues Paper 1. Each student will be expected to write a paper on a current research topic that is relevant to the dairy industry. The objectives are for students to (a) learn more about a current area of dairy research than is presented in lecture, and (b) learn how to write a scientific summary paper that includes citations from multiple refereed journal articles. Since this is a summary of research, you need to include actual numbers (data) in your discussion and as tables, charts or figures. (c) realize the difference between scientific writing and the styles used for English compositions. 2. Papers must be typed and double-spaced (not larger than 12 point font) and include both a title page and a list of references. All margins should be no more than 1 inch. The title page should include the title of your paper and your name. All pictures, figures, graphs, and/or tables will be beneficial in your discussion. Your pictures, figures, graphs, or tables should be placed after the list of references, not imbedded within the text. There is no minimum or maximum page length requirement although excessively long papers are discouraged. I anticipate that most would be 5-7 pages long, including the title page, list of references and some figures or data tables. 3. You must use at least three (3) references from scientific journals published within the past five (5) years (2007-2011). Popular press articles (magazine or newspaper articles) and internet sources (anything requiring a URL to cite) are not allowed and will result in 5 points being deducted for each. All references should be listed on the page following your conclusions and every reference should be cited in the paper at least twice. 4. Your list of references should be in alphabetical order (last name of first author) and use the following format, paying particular attention to capitalization and punctuation: 1. Peters, K.J. 1996. Effect of altered silage fermentation rates on digestibility by lactating dairy cattle. J. Dairy Sci. 123:244-249. 2.
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Current issues paper directions - AnS 235 Current Issues...

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