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AnS-235 Current Issues Paper Score Sheet Name: Section: 1 2 3 TENTATIVE Points First draft submitted on time (2) & sincere effort (8) 10 Formatting: 3 Title Page 1 Margins (1" all sides) 1 Font size (12 point or less) 1 References 27 3 Scientific (refereed) journal articles 9 List of References in correct format 8 References cited correctly within text 10 Content 50
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Unformatted text preview: Introduction 10 Presentation of information 20 Appropriate data included in appendixes 10 Summary & Conclusions 10 Separate summary submitted on time electronically 10 Total 100 100 Penalty for use of non-refereed sources: # X 5 points Penalty for use of quotes: # quotes X 5 points Penalty for late submission: # days late ____ X 5 points YOUR FINAL TOTAL:...
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