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Unformatted text preview: Animal Science 311 Career Preparation in Animal Science Spring Semester 2011 Résumé – Rough Draft – Homework Assignment The résumé is a document that you use to “market” yourself to prospective employers. Typically one or two pages in length, the résumé should highlight your significant experiences and accomplishments and give insights into your leadership abilities and teamwork skills. The résumé should entice the human resources (HR) personnel who review employment and internship applications to invite you for an interview. The résumé “opens the door” to the interview, and the interview “seals the deal”. Effective résumés are critically important to provide you with the opportunity to obtain a telephone or in-person professional interview. Most HR personnel spend 20-30 seconds (yes – far less than 1 minute!) scanning résumés, so the layout and content are vitally important. Spending hours to fine tune and polish your résumé is a MUST! A résumé that is sloppy, difficult to read, or hurriedly put together will surely find its way into the “circular file” [trash...
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