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Animal Science 311 Career Preparation in Animal Science Spring Semester 2011 1131 NSRIC, Wednesdays 4:10 – 6:00 p.m. Instructor: Dr. C.R. Youngs, 2356B Kildee Hall, 294-1427, [email protected] Course Text: None Course Materials: Students must have ten sheets of 8.5” X 11” sheets of notebook paper WITHOUT RAGGED EDGES for in-class quizzes. No (zero) points will be given for quizzes turned in on paper with ragged edges! Information for this course will be placed on the AnS 311 class web site: No username or password is required to access this site. Instructor’s 1. Please attend all lectures . Not all of the material discussed during lecture will be Requests: placed on the class web site. In addition, student questions during lecture may cause the instructor to deviate significantly from the planned lecture, and the discussion that occurs cannot be adequately recreated. 2. If you must be absent from lecture, please obtain lecture notes from one of your classmates . If, after reviewing the notes, you have questions, please contact the course instructor. 3. Please turn off all cell phones before lecture begins . Even when on a “vibrate” setting, cell phones make noise that is distracting to your classmates and the course instructor. Also, by turning your cell phone off, there is no temptation to send/receive text messages or surf the web with your phone during lecture. 4. Please don’t engage in private conversations during lecture . It is discourteous to your classmates to have discussions that prevent them from hearing the course instructor. 5. If you bring your laptop computer to lecture for purposes of taking notes, please refrain from surfing the web (e.g., Facebook, e-mail) because it may be distracting to your classmates. . 6. If you must leave lecture early due to a job interview, medical care appointment or similar situation , please inform the course instructor before lecture begins and sit as closely to the classroom exit as possible so that you may quietly leave without disrupting your classmates.
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AnS 311 Career Preparation in Animal Science Course Syllabus Spring Semester 2011 Page 2 Instructor’s Goals: 1. To deliver an organized and effective lecture each day
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Syllabus_AnS_311_s11 - Animal Science 311 Career...

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