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AnS-235 Fall 2011 Terms Bull / Heifer Cow / 1 st calf heifer Lactating / dry cow Sire / dam NAAB USDA-AIPL NAAB code – eg 21HO3428 Registration number Lactation number Parity Primiparous Multiparous DHI / DHIA AM-PM RHA - Rolling herd average 305-2X-ME Difference from herdmates Reliability Net merit $ (NM$) ERPA - Estimated relative producing ability PTA - Predicted transmitting ability PA - Parent average PL - Productive life UDC - Udder composite FLC - Feet & leg composite Body size composite TPI - Type-production index (H only) DPR - Daughter pregnancy rate SCE - Sire calving ease (H only) DCE - Daughter calving ease (H only) Dry period Peak milk Summit milk Days in milk Management level milk Standardized 150 day milk Transition period Close-up / Steam-up / Pre-fresh Parturition / Calving / Freshening BST or rBST - Bovine somatotropin Mastitis Contagious mastitis Environmental mastitis Subclinical mastitis Clinical mastitis Chronic mastitis Acute toxic or septic mastitis SCC - Somatic cell count
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