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Evolution and Events06

Evolution and Events06 - EVOLUTION OF THE HORSE EVOLUTION...

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Unformatted text preview: EVOLUTION OF THE HORSE EVOLUTION OF THE HORSE Eohippus 60 Million Years Ago EOCENE ERA Miohippus 30 Million Years Ago Oligocene Era Mesohippus 40 Million Years Ago Oligocene Era Pliohippus 10 Million Years Ago Oligocene Era Mercychippus 20 Million Years Ago OLIGOCENE ERA Equus 4 Million Years Ago Modern Era Zoological Classification Zoological Family Equidae Family Equidae Genus Equus Genus Equus Species – Equus asinus – Equus caballas – Equus przewalski Types and Uses – Light Horses Types Riding Racing Showing Driving All-purpose Miniature Breed Breed Distinguishable Distinguishable characteristics characteristics – Color – Function – Conformation COLOR BREED COLOR American Cream Draft American Crème and White Andalusian Appaloosa Arabian Bashkir Curly Belgian Buckskin Chincoteague Pony Cleveland Bay Clydesdale Connemara Pony Dutch Warmblood Friesian Golden American Saddlebred Hackney Haflinger Hanoverian Holsteiner Hungarian Warmblood Irish Draught Lipizzan Miniature Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Morab Morgan Mustang National Show Horse Norwegian Fjord Oldenburg Paint Palomino Paso Fino Percheron Peruvian Paso Pintabian Pinto Pony of the Americas Przewalski Quarab Quarter Horse Quarter Pony Racking Horse Rocky Mountain Horse Saddlebred Shetland Pony Shire Standardbred Suffolk Swedish Warmblood Tennessee Walking Horse Thoroughbred Trakehner Welsh Pony and Cob http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/horses/ PEDIGREE PEDIGREE Native Dancer Raise A Native Lines of Power Raise You Bold Ruler Exotic Garden The Garden Club Matsadoon POLITICAL WHIT Doonesbury Vaguely Nice Roberto Political Parody Urakawa Miss Devereux Registered Registered Purebred Light Horse Light – 14.2 – 17.2 hands – 900 – 1400 lbs Draft Horse Draft – 14.2 – 17.2 hands – 1400 lb or > Ponies Ponies – < 14.2 hands – 500 – 900 lb Homework Homework WebCT – Horse Breed Homework – Typed in table format – Due 9/5 PERFORMANCE EVENTS PERFORMANCE Sport Organizations Sport American Driving Society American Hunter & American Jumper Foundation Jumper American Vaulting Assn. Carriage Assn. Of Carriage America, Inc. America, Masters of Foxhounds Masters Assn. Of America Assn. National Barrel Horse National Assn. (NBHA) Assn. National Cutting Horse National Assn. (NCHA) Assn. National Hunter & Jumper National Assn. Assn. National Reining Horse National Assn. (NRHA) Assn. National Snaffle Bit Assn. National (NSBA) (NSBA) Professional Rodeo Professional Cowboys Assn. (PRCA) Cowboys Sport Organizations Sport Team Penning Assn. United States Combined Training Assn. United (USCTA) (USCTA) United States Dressage Federation United (USDF) (USDF) United States Equestrian Assn. United States Polo Assn. HALTER CLASSES HALTER Type Conformation Quality Substance Soundness SHOWMANSHIP SHOWMANSHIP EQUITATION CLASSES EQUITATION Western Hunt Seat Saddle Seat DRIVING Combined driving Combined Pleasure driving Dressage driving Roadster – Walk, Slow jog trot, Walk, Fast road gait, Full speed trot speed DRESSAGE DRESSAGE Continual training of the Continual horse to increasing levels of performance in the execution of various gaits & movements. movements. HUNTERS HUNTERS Hunter Hunter Hack Working Hunter HUNTER UNDER SADDLE HUNTER Functional Functional correctness correctness Travels at prescribed Travels gaits gaits Reverses to inside of Reverses arena arena Backs Attitude – Responsiveness, Responsiveness, Manners, Bit contact Manners, JUMPERS JUMPERS COMBINED TRAINING Dressage Dressage Cross Country Stadium Jumping WESTERN PLEASURE WESTERN Junior Senior Attitude Responsiveness Manners Bit contact REINING REINING Circles, Rundown, Circles, Lead changes, Stops, Spins, Rollback, Back, Hesitation Back, Western Trail negotiate up to 8 different obstacles Western Riding - Set Western et course involving the walk, jog and lope. At the lope expected to make up to eleven changes of lead. CUTTING CUTTING Enter a herd of cattle, Enter separate and drive a single cow from the herd and keeps the cow from reentering the herd. PRCA PRCA Calf Roping Team Roping Steer wrestling Bareback Bull riding Saddle bronc riding Team Penning - 3 horse and rider pairs given 2 min. to separate from the herd and drive 3 designated cattle into a pen pen Working Cow Horse Working – Reining pattern. Reining – Cattle portion - hold Cattle and turn a cow, as well as control the animal by moving it in circles. by Barrel Racing Barrel Pole Bending National American Trail Ride Conference Conference Competitive Trail Ride Endurance Race POLO POLO 4 players Series of Chukkas of Series 7.5 minutes. RACING RACING Thoroughbred – Thoroughbred Jockey Club Jockey Quarter Horse Paint Appaloosa Arabian RACING RACING Harness Racing – Harness United States Trotting Assn. Assn. RACING RACING Stakes race Handicap race Allowance race Claiming race Maiden Derby Futurity RACING SUPERVISION RACING Steward Secretary Paddock judge Clerk of scales Starter Clocker ...
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