Tentative Syllabus Biol302 Spring 2011

Tentative Syllabus Biol302 Spring 2011 - Tentative...

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Tentative: Molecular Genetics Biology 302- Spring 2011 Subject to Change Associate Professor Paul Feinstein teaches the whole course. Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Paul Feinstein [email protected] Laboratory and office 904 Hunter North Office hours Tuesdays 4-6 TEXTS: 1) Principles of Genetics, 5th Edition. Peter Snustad, Michael J. Simmons Wiley. You must get this at the bookstore BUNDLED for $5.00 extra with ebook or you can purchase just the ebook at: http://ww w. w ileyplus.com/buy Probably this one too: 2) A Genetic Switch, Third Edition, Phage Lambda Revisited by Mark Ptashne Cold Spring Harbor. This will be available at the boostore. Course Description: A comparison of viral, prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems; review of classical Mendelian principles; bacterial DNA replication, transcription and their control; mechanisms of gene mutation, repair, recombination and transposition; applications of recombinant DNA technology; organization of nucleic acid into chromosomes; control of gene expression, the cell cycle (with a focus on cancer development) and cell development in eukaryotes. Experiments include gene cloning, cis and trans gene regulation studies (in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes). A specific focus is placed on transcription factors as regulators of the cell cycle and cancer. prereq: BIOL 300 (or Chemistry Department Biochemistry). If you do not meet this prerequisite, you will not be enrolled in Biology 302. In order to demonstrate that you have met the prerequisites, you must show the instructor documentation (unofficial transcripts). If you have transferred the credit
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This note was uploaded on 02/14/2012 for the course BIO 302 taught by Professor Feinstein during the Spring '11 term at Iowa State.

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Tentative Syllabus Biol302 Spring 2011 - Tentative...

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