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Biol710 Homework November 30 th 2011 Due December 23rd at my office (904N) by 8pm. I WOULD LIKE A HARD COPY. Please turn in a hard copy (no e-files). 10pts (2pts/experiment) Please describe a series of five independent experiments using the lecture material as a guide. (Each experiment can build on the previous one, but it is not necessary.) Maximum 1 page text plus maximum 1 page figure for each experiment (2 pages total). (Each experiment will be graded as all or none.) Each experiment is meant to teach you something profound about the molecule described below (paragraph 1 or 2 or 3). You may choose ONLY one of the following topics. 1) You have just purified a protein from the eye. You have the amino acid sequence and an antibody that can detect it. You cannot detect the protein in any other tissue with
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Unformatted text preview: that antibody by western blotting. You are not sure what it does. It could be a transcription factor, secreted molecule or anything. You think it might be involved in regulating Rhodopsin protein levels. 2) You have just cloned a cDNA from Drosophila. It is expressed only in the leg. You think that this gene is used for setting up axial patterning and perhaps may do this in any organism. 3) You have just determined that one of your patients has a mutation in a single gene that makes the patient unable to be infected by the bacterium Yersinia pestis . It is known that Y.pestis needs a receptor of sorts to infect cells. However, the mutation may lay in a “co-receptor”. The speculation is that Y.pestis cannot occur when either receptor is missing. However, the co-receptor is necessary for viability....
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