4. The New England Colonies

4. The New England Colonies - Phillip Graham History 105...

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Phillip Graham History 105 TAMU Fall 2011 The New England Colonies 1. The New England colonies didn’t form after the southern colonies…that’s just the order he talked about them in. They were all simultaneous. 2. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine a. Make sure to know these names for the test. 3. Reasons for expansion a. Same reasons they go to the southern colonies. .. b. Search for wealth. Spice, indigo, exotic products, etc. c. Opportunistic individuals. d. Patriotism. They believe England should expand. Building their empire. e. Prevent French expansion southward. 4. Queen Elizabeth and the Church of England, 1559 5. Puritans i. New England colonies dominated by the Puritans. ii. Puritans are the group that became the dominant people born in England. iii. They are a religious organization that had problems with the Church of England. 1. Find themselves victims of discrimination and persecution. iv. They believe in Calvinism. b. Goal i. They wished to purify religion. 6. Separatist a. The Puritans find themselves victim of discrimination and persecution. 7. Calvinism i. Puritans believe in Calvinism. Named after John Calvin. Calvinism is the belief that everyone sins all the time…that means that everyone is going to hell. That includes everyone…even the king and religious officials. ii. Leaders don’t like this…it kind of equalizes everyone in society. b. Elect i. True chosen people of God…the only people who will go to heaven. ii. The only elect are Puritans. 8. Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1629 a. b. Plymouth 1. Not only the first Puritan settlement, but also the first English settlement at all. ii. Mayflower Compact c. Wampanoag Indians 1. Dominant Indian organization in the area of Plymouth 1
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2. Relationship between Indians and settlers was wishy-washy at first. Puritans were suffering. 3. Puritans show up with weapons, horses, tools, etc. 4. Puritans struggle to find food and build homes a. Wampanoag Indians help them out…this is where the Thanksgiving tradition came from.
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4. The New England Colonies - Phillip Graham History 105...

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