5. The Middle Colonies

5. The Middle Colonies - Phillip Graham History 105 TAMU...

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Phillip Graham History 105 TAMU Fall 2011 The Middle Colonies 1. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey a. The middle colonies consisted of these 4. The Puritan colonies and southern colonies are emerging at the same time. They weren’t one after the other. Some are different sizes. b. The British start immigrating to this middle region. c. Two major Indian groups…Delawares and Iroquois. d. Immigrated for i. Remove the Dutch ii. God, gold, and king e. Know major colonies 2. a. These were the two largest Indian groups. b. Know these two as the biggest Indian groups for the test. 3. Dutch origins a. The Dutch were here before the British b. They don’t want to be chopped in half by the Dutch c. They want to connect their colonies by removing the Dutch. d. Dutch have built home and established themselves e. French can’t go their because the British have arrived. f. Know that the Dutch were here before the English, but the English used violence to take over what the Dutch started. Trade, etc. 4. Henry Hudson, 1609 a. New Netherlands, 1621 i. The Dutch New York b. New Amsterdam i. Major Dutch port ii. Present day New York City c. Manhattan Island, 1626 5. Fur Trading a. They are fur traders, like the English 6. i. The English come in and engage in war and forcibly remove the Dutch ii. Dutch didn’t go without a fight iii. Problems back home between them, but not as big iv. English eventually take over…too many…overrun Dutch
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5. The Middle Colonies - Phillip Graham History 105 TAMU...

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