9. Events Leading to American Revolution

9. Events Leading to American Revolution - Fontana 1 20...

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Fontana 1 20 October 2011 Public Opinion about Britain & Events Leading to Am. Rev., 1763-1775: I. Treaty of Paris of 1763: concludes the French and indian war. Acknowledges England’s ontrol over New france. France leaves Mischet, English, colonies have doubled in size a. Soldiers ordered to stay their to protect land. b. Morale is low, resources are lacking c. Problems: orgins of American Revolution i. Soldiers are tired—trained soldiers, because colonials couldn t finish war they fought—native American remain 1. Still violent and troublesome (soldiers HATE being there) ii. Ppl in American colonies are getting tired of the presence of soldiers 1. Soldiers are very expensive, not civil, “bully” 2. Soldiers are taking things from east and bringing them rest —colonials and soldiers hate one another iii. England has been made aware that the colonials weren’t paying their taxes (since they called on govt to bail out of war) 1. Also find out that the French didn’t attack them initially that is was England 2. England mad that now they are in debt cuz of colonial war a. Tariffs are implemented on American colonials to get England out of debt (colonists HATES it) I. Loyalists : most of British colonials are loyal to king and parliament (believe in empire) – love because: a. Economic security—cuz of England b. Still speak language – cultural connection c. Family connections—immediate family d. Same religion—most Anglican e. Military connection – England is NOW #2!! (will become largest military
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9. Events Leading to American Revolution - Fontana 1 20...

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