30. Southern Slavery

30. Southern Slavery - Southern Slavery chapter 4 Origins...

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Southern Slavery – chapter 4 Origins – Slavery was legal in all colonies, legal everywhere, profitable everywhere. Old institution. People worldwide have engaged or been enslaved in the slave economy. Romans and Greeks had slaves, Spanish had slaves, Mesoamerican Indians had slaves, all of the countries had slaves!! Africa Atlantic Slave Trade – network of engaging slave trade. Establish ports in towns where they dock to get slaves. Leave ports and go all over the world to sell, etc. Deploy captives and go back to collect more slaves. One continent to another continent. Every nation had their own port. Also a trade of goods – not only slaves. Most profitable was slave people. Percentages – those captured and extracted from that continent, 75% come from west Africa. Other 25% southern and southwestern Africa. 12 million people brought from west Africa to western hemisphere. 80% of 12 million when to new spain, brazil, and other parts of latin America. 4% of 12 million went to the British colonies. Spain, French, Portugal, and Dutch dominate the slave trade. Elmina – port, present day Ghana, Europeans stayed on west coast of Africa. Almost all stayed in their specific ports – safer, religions were different all over Africa, hired other people to snatch up slaves from interior of Africa, EU people don’t know their way around Africa interior, most EU have a “gentlemen’s agreement” contracts where they respect each other’s competitive spirit and stay on the coast. That is where the other countries come to collect as well. EU knew that different African nations were at war with other African nations and EU used this knowledge to bribe each nation to capture POW and bring them back to coast. Causes for Slavery: AFRICANS 1. Demand for CHEAP LABOR. 2. Africans are believed to have SUPERIOR AGRICULTURAL SKILLS. People responsible for teaching to cultivate, the first to grow food. 3. Africans have less chance of ESCAPING. 4. Have GREATER IMMUNITY to disease. 5. Slavery EXISTED IN OTHER SOCIETIES, SLAVERY IS NORMAL, in business. 6. CHRISTIANITY SUPPORTED SLAVERY. 7.
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30. Southern Slavery - Southern Slavery chapter 4 Origins...

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