80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1)

80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1) - 18th Century Colonial...

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18 th Century Colonial Life: 1700-1763: Economic growth - The colonies are becoming financially stable. There is a sense of economic independence. People are beginning to have money to spend and make their own profit for themselves. They are exporting their own products and aren't dependent on England anymore. Population growth - The population is continuing to grow. The number has jumped jumped to 2 million people. Reasons - Immigration is high in the British colonies. The importation of slaves has picked up as well. Slaves have led to making better newer ships, shackles, and other things. Natural birthrates of English immigrants are high and less children are dying because of midwives. Midwives are medical and child-rearing experts and are very respected in their community. Slaves are also having children. Transportation Act - A policy launched by the King in Parliament in England where English criminals to the colonies because they are having problems with overcrowded jails. The prisoner would become an indentured servant as soon as they came to the colonies for 10, 15, 20 years. City life - People are beginning to push inward now. Williamsburg, Va - Now the largest city in Virginia, but not even the largest city in the colonies. It is New York. Growth of artisans - A skilled craftsmen. They are the origins of the middle class. Apprentice
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80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1) - 18th Century Colonial...

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