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Exam I Study Guide Dr. Esparza 1. Explain the interaction between the Spanish and French Immigrants and Native Americans. Include the following terms: cultural characteristics i.e. religion; encounters with indigenous populations i.e. war, peace, trade, slavery, disease, miscegenation, 2. Describe the English Immigrants & the Southern Colonies they established. Include the following terms: Virginia: Roanoke, Jamestown, tobacco, interaction with Ameri- Indians i.e. war and why they won the war; Powhatans, know all the southern colonies, list the common as well as the different characteristics, crops, population, religion, society structure i.e. head right, landless poor, indentured servants, women. 3. Discuss the issues around Slavery and how it developed over time. Include the following terms: origins, how it developed, Africa, Atlantic Slave Trade, reasons why slavery developed in the Americas, slavery in the southern colonies in the 1600s and the
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