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Hist 105 - Exam 3 Notes (1)

Hist 105 - Exam 3 Notes (1) - Hist 105 Exam 3 Notes 18th...

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Hist 105 Exam 3 Notes 18 th Century Colonial Life: 1700-1763: Economic growth – tremendous economic growth and wealth is generated throughout all of the colonies. Becoming financially stable and achieving economic independence. People are living comfortably and purchasing luxuries. Whereas all of the products were shipped to Europe before, now colonies trade between one another, and becoming extremely self-sufficient. Control their own economic destinies. New England Colonies Diversified farming Middle Colonies Chesapeake Bay Southern Colonies Eli Whitney Cotton gin Population growth – Continuing to grow. By 1740s to 1750s, there are over 2 million English immigrants. Immigration has hit a peak and flattened out on this peak. Steady flow of immigrants arriving. o Reasons Immigration from England and other European countries is impacting the population size in American colonies Transportation Act – a policy/program launched by King in Parliament. England sends its criminals to American colonies. England is suffering from over crowdedness in these prisons, and it is extremely costly. So England ships them out. These criminals/prisoner, by way of this act, become indentured servants for 10-15 years when they initially arrive to the colonies. Importation of slaves picks up. Slaves continue to form families and have children. Natural birth rates increase due to the increase in the quality of life. Midwives are medical experts about child delivery, and by the end of 1600s, become very popular, thus midwives are responsible for reducing the number of death of infants. City life – more towns and cities are developing. Maybe because of economic independence, we see more artisans (skilled craftsman, may own their own business).
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o Williamsburg, Va – becomes one of the largest cities in colonies. o Growth of artisans - Artisans are the beginning of the middle class. Business people and skilled craftsmen. They espouse much of the economic growth that results. Smuggling also becomes a problem. o Apprentice – assistant to an artisan that acts as intern, learning the skills of the trade. o Ben Franklin – worked as a printer assistant. Once he masters his skills, produces one of the earliest Almanacs (Poor Richard’s Almanac) at his own press business. Poor Richard’s Almanac is the ‘breakout’ of Ben Franklin. Allows him to be innovative and influential person. Enlightenment – a movement that is global that originates in Europe. Stresses a need and desire for scientific research and study. Stresses man’s ability to reason and think. It comes to influence politics. Lays the foundation for the frameworks of the coming American Revolution. Copernicus
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Hist 105 - Exam 3 Notes (1) - Hist 105 Exam 3 Notes 18th...

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