History Test 3 Lecture 4%3a4

History Test 3 Lecture 4%3a4 - The American Revolution...

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The American Revolution Continental Army – All of the militias put together. It’s very small and untrained. They are unpaid and untrained. They had a hard time recruiting people. There is no central place; they can’t force people into the army. Desertion is a problem. They don’t follow orders to the letter. Washington’s Strategy – Run and hide. Play cat and mouse. Do not engage the enemy. Have the enemy pursue you. Attack unannounced occasionally. Guerilla warfare. Raids and sniper-fire. Booby traps. Surprise attacks only. Successful but also causes the army to crumble because it makes them look weak. Most people don’t know about the strategy and just think he’s a coward. British Army – They are the most powerful and sophisticated in the world at the time. They are paid, disciplined, follow their orders, and are huge. England didn’t send their entire force to the colonies because they have other places and they also needed them at their mother country. The British should have won this war. Continental Congress (Central Authority) – Nonexistent central authority. They can’t force people to give money or to join. The continental congress is always running and hiding. Ocean Battles – The British own the sea. The American’s don’t have a Navy and the British control all the major ports. Privateer
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History Test 3 Lecture 4%3a4 - The American Revolution...

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