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Tecumseh Book Quiz - Tecumseh Book Quiz Dr Esparza 1...

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Tecumseh Book Quiz Dr. Esparza 1. Because Tecumseh was considered brave and honest as well as physically strong by both Europeans and Americans, he was often thought of to be a: (a) ideal Indian (b) noble savage (c) terrorist (d) good agent 2. At present, most Shawnees believe, worship, and pray to a female deity called? (a) Tonantzin (b) Finisher (c) Our Grandmother (d) Great Horned Serpent 3. Why was Tenskwatawa, especially his religious teachings, considered to be strange by most Americans? (a) because his teachings were too similar to Catholicism (b) because they never really understood his teachings (c) because the Prophet often attacked Christ (d) because Tecumseh often refused to acknowledge the teachings 4. Why was it difficult for Tecumseh to recruit other Native American nations for the purpose of uniting against the Americans? (a) because inter-tribal unity was an alien concept for most nations (b) because many nations believed Tecumseh had ulterior motives for going to war (c) because braves from other nations did not want Tecumseh to be their leader (d) because they were eager to partner with the United States and saw Tecumseh as a threat 5. Regarding Rebecca Galloway, Tecumseh’s supposed love, why did Tecumseh never marry her? (a) because he refused to give up his life as an Indian and adopt her people’s ways (b) because she never really loved him (c) because war between the two races made it impossible to marry (d) because Rebecca was killed in an ambush 6. Tecumseh’s major complaint(s) regarding the Long Knives was that they: (a) never sell goods to the Indians (b) engage in human slavery (c) they refuse to assimilate to
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Tecumseh Book Quiz - Tecumseh Book Quiz Dr Esparza 1...

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