80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1)

80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1) - Election of 1824...

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Election of 1824: Federalist Party – The Federalist is gone at this point Democratic-Republican Party – The only party left at this point. Has broken up into separate camps. Andrew Jackson – One of the leaders of one of the camps of the Democratic-Republican party. He is running for president. Henry Clay – Also running for president. Great Compromiser John Quincy Adams – Also running for president. Results Stalemate – There was a lot of election fraud. There were many organizations that would scare other groups of people out of voting. Some groups would destroy ballots. The electoral college came up even. Clay’s Endorsement – Clay dropped out of the election and told his voters to endorse John Q. Adams. John Q. Adams wins by a landslide. – Jackson was mad about the way it came out Significance – Caused a split in the party. The whigs (the anti-Jacksonian party) and the Democratic-Republican party. Elections of 1828: – Runs effective smear campaign against John Q. Adams and destroys him. Jackson’s Presidency, 1828-1836: Jackson’s Veto – Uses the veto more than anyone else had. He would challenge many groups and stuff with his use of the veto. Nullification Controversy Tariff – Jackson’s administration is still taxing pretty high and on everything. 1
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John C. Calhoun of S.C. – A congressmen in South Carolina. He says Northern states don’t pay the same taxes as Southern states do. This is
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80. 18th Century Colonial Life (1) - Election of 1824...

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