Debates Over 2520Slavery

Debates Over 2520Slavery - Debates over slavery 1820-1860...

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Debates over slavery, 1820-1860: Debates Over Slavery, 1820-1853 Missouri Missouri Compromise, 1820 – applying for statehood – SHOULD SLAVERY EXIST IN MISSOURI?? Even steven. Abolishonists, free spoilers, colonizers say yes, Fire eaters say NO. More Fire Eaters than anything. Missouri is made a slave state by the compromise. Sets up a pattern because politicians are looking to compromise. When 1 slave state is created, a free state is created And vice versa. William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator John C. Calhoun & Nullification – southern congressman SC, introduced the idea of Nullification, involved in the 1830s w/Andrew Jackson over taxes. Remains a prominent politician. Now using his idea of states’ rights to defend his idea of slavery. Says fed government is infringing on your economic freedoms, says we as a state/statesmen can use nullification to keep slavery alive. States Rights issue. Gag rule – rule passed in Congress by southern congressman. Objective is to IGNORE, DISMISS, THROWAWAY all petitions submitted to congress by abolitionists. Southerners demand/impose the gag rule. Every petition that comes to congress that demands the abolishment of slavery should be thrown out. Controversial, first amendment rights. Southern whites Southern Congressmen John Q. Adams Texas in 1836 Southerners 1
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Free soilers Annexation, 1845 War with Mexico Problems Compromise of 1850 – deal struck between north and south again over issue of slavery to AVOID WAR. Missourio was to appease both sides, but this was to prevent war. 1850’s polarization between pro and anti slavery advocates that the language of the debate changes. “You better do this or else!” Threats, ultimatums, etc. Going to war has been put on the table. So they draft the Compromise of 1850. Fire eaters who move out West say they are taking their slaves no matter what and
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Debates Over 2520Slavery - Debates over slavery 1820-1860...

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