Election of ANDLincoln President

Election of ANDLincoln President - Popular vote Electoral...

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Showdown in Illinois; the Lincoln-Douglass Debates – Breaks the camels back. Debates Results Election of 1860 Southern Democrats / Fire Eater Democrats John C. Breckenridge Northern Democrats / Douglass Democrats – because they are pro slavery, anti succession. Stephen Douglass Popular sovereignty Secession Constitutional Union Party John Bell Republican Party- not necessarily anti-slavery. Free soiler party. Abraham Lincoln is the leader. Engages the platform of LIMITING the spread of slavery. South was convinced that Abe Lincoln was cut form the same cloth as John Brown. South does not want people to vote for Abe Lincoln. South – if Abe Lincoln wins the election that the South WILL SUCCEED. This is exactly what happens. War is DECLARED. Slavery Pro progress 1
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John C. Fremont Abe Lincoln – 1861 President of US. Results of Election
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Unformatted text preview: Popular vote Electoral College Abe Lincoln Interim Period, 1860-April 1861 Secession – Secession takes place during the time period. Confederate States of America – Montgomery AL. Renounced their citizenship, but the south is US Territory. CIVIL WAR BEGINS toughest war since the American revolution. Separate themselves from the US and elect their own president – Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis Reasons for secession Southern unionists Sam Houston Lincoln’s Inauguration, 1861 Confederate take-over Fort Sumter, South Carolina, April 1861 Response 2 Upper South (Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina) Border States (Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia) Dual Governed States (Kentucky, Missouri) Claimed by the Confederacy (Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma), New Mexico, Arizona) Northern solidarity Stephen Douglass 3...
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Election of ANDLincoln President - Popular vote Electoral...

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